Report a Workers’ Compensation Claim

To Report a Workers’ Compensation Claim

File a Claim Online

We strive to keep the claims process efficient and make sure you and your employees are informed at every step. Our online claims tools allow you and your agents to report claims quickly and inquire about your claims easily.

When an injury occurs, you can immediately submit required claim information via our simple online form. Once submitted, you quickly receive your assigned claim number, which can be used to facilitate communication relative to that claim.

Through our claim-inquiry application, you have easy access to active claims. You can:

Making the UH Claim Process Work for You
If you’re injured at work, learn how United Heartland will help you with your claim and what you can do to ensure you receive prompt treatment and accurate benefits.
  • Find the status of claims
  • Track detailed payment and reserve information
  • Quickly send messages to claims adjusters
  • Sort payments
  • View file notes in real time

And, if you are a medical provider, we are also able to receive electronic billing.

We are committed to improving our workflows to ensure you and your employees have access to the information they need quickly and efficiently.

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