Toolbox - Secure Access

To access the policyholder site, you will need your policy number, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and your policy expiration date, which are all available on your policy. To register:

  1. Click on “Policyholder Login” (above).
  2. Select “Register Here.”
  3. Provide your policy information.
  4. Create a username for your account (e.g., use your name such as “Susan.Smith.”).
  5. Complete the user information, answer your authentication questions and click “Register.”

Once you have registered as the Security Administrator, you can grant other users at your organization access to the site and any necessary applications via the Security Administrator tools. Instructions for setting up other users are available on the secure site. All registered users will automatically be granted access to the loss control tools, such as the video library and online training modules. The Security Administrator will need to provide users with access to any applications they require, including Online Payments and Report a Claim.

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