WalkSafe – Ice and Snow and Salt, Oh My!

When it comes to preventing slips and falls during the winter, it doesn’t take much effort to make a big impact. Providing safe walking surfaces for your employees is important — especially when winter storms hit. By using ice-melt on sidewalks, parking lots and other frequently traveled areas, you will protect your employees from slip and fall accidents at work, even on the roughest winter days. A few ice-melt reminders:

  • Always stock more than you expect you’ll need.
  • Store in an easily accessible area.
  • Use quality products that won’t damage concrete or landscaping.

While you can control the de-icing practices at your company, remember that employees who travel to off-site locations are still vulnerable to slips and falls. Therefore, keep your employees informed of the necessary precautions when travelling off site.

Our friends at Jefferson Community Health & Life shared that last year they had five employees report slips and falls on ice/snow. Their goal this year is to have ZERO incidents. To drive the number down, they’ve ordered and filled salt/sand shakers for their entire staff, along with a complimentary refill station so shakers never empty. They also remind their staff to “walk like a penguin,” with heels in, toes out, small steps. Nice work, Jefferson Community Health & Life!

Tips for using salt and de-icers

According to Consumers Report, follow these tips when using salt and ice-melt products:

  • Mix it up.Mix your ice-melt with an abrasive like sand, which reduces the amount of salt on your pavement and provides traction.
  • Spread it in layers.Always use a gentle hand when applying any type of ice-melt to concrete. Spread a thin layer before a storm, then another light layer during the storm.
  • If the temperature is 5° F or warmer, regular rock salt is as good as anything.Salt lowers the freezing point of water to this temperature.
  • Below 5° F, opt for a salt blend.Look for a product containing calcium chloride, which can melt ice in temperatures as low as -25° F.

Purchase salt/sand shakers today!

To help protect against slips and falls, we’re providing organizations the opportunity to purchase salt/sand shakers directly from our vendor at a discounted cost. The shakers are designed to fit in vehicle cup holders for convenient access and are great for employees on the road or those who may work from home.

  • For ordering and pricing information, click here.
  • To learn more about the benefits of these handy salt/sand shakers, click here.

For more, visit our WalkSafe campaign homepage at UnitedHeartland.com/WalkSafe to browse our library of materials.

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