Executive Support Proves Key to Claims Turnaround for Social Service Customer

On their own, safety programs don’t always produce positive results for our customers. For full effectiveness, it takes support from a customer’s loss control consultant, collaboration with agents and often most importantly buy-in from an organization’s executive team to ensure that a safety program helps to reduce a customer’s overall cost of risk. For one of our social service customers, Casa Central Social Services, support from their president and other key executives have helped the organization’s management team and direct service personnel reduce claims and total incurred losses.

Casa_LogoCasa Central, which is based in Chicago and is the largest Hispanic social service agency in the Midwest, became a United Heartland customer at the end of 2014. During that year, they had 47 claims with total incurred costs of more than $209,000. Working with United Heartland, Casa Central developed a loss control service plan focused on loss leaders and job hazards. Elements of this plan included the aforementioned engagement from executives as well as:

  • A strong partnership with loss control and a willingness to improve
  • A non-slip shoe program
  • Increased safety meetings, employee safety engagement and recognition
  • Customized safety videos
  • An active safety committee
  • Development of a participant handling program
  • Development of procedures for several home care tasks
  • Data analysis
  • Post-injury management, including a strong return-to-work program and formalized accident investigation and claim reporting

Casa Central’s efforts have made a difference. Compared to two years earlier, the total number of claims dropped by 62% to 18 in 2016 and total incurred costs were just shy of $63,000 – an impressive 70% decrease from 2014.

United Heartland is committed to collaborating with our social service customers to keep their employees safe on the job through dedicated, expert loss control service. Our Social Service Loss Control Campaign examines the hazards that can arise in this segment as these workers attempt to serve the varied needs of their clients. Specific challenges include safe client transfers and behavior management and personal safety. For each topic, we provide downloadable materials and resources so you can begin reviewing your own programs and determine how United Heartland may be able to assist in strengthening your current protocols and reducing injury trends.

If you know of others involved in the social services or nonprofit industry who may be interested in these materials, please consider sending them a link to this page or encourage them to subscribe to our free Risk Connection e-blasts here. Please contact your loss control representative with questions or if you’re not a United Heartland policyholder, find an agent near you or call us at 1-800-258-2667.