United Heartland Helps Long-Term Care Facility to Realize 85% Drop in Claims

In 2009, United Heartland (UH) partnered with a Wisconsin-based long-term care facility that had a high incidence of patient transfer-related injuries. Although the long-term care facility had a safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) program in place, the program had not established clear objectives, and was not being actively managed. In 2009, safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) claims made up 47% of claims reported and 80% of claim dollars incurred for the facility.

When United Heartland met with the long-term care facility and examined their loss history, they worked to develop a program that could reduce claims and increase safety. United Heartland met directly with personnel at the facility to evaluate the existing safety and resident handling protocols. They identified program champions, training needs for the organization and a set of existing challenges. Once the evaluation was complete, UH worked with personnel at the facility to develop a service plan which outlined safety improvements to strengthen the existing program with a goal of reducing SPHM transfer-related injuries by 25% within a two-year period. With feedback on procedures, a clear set of objective criteria established, a clearly defined quality assurance plan in place, and “train the trainer” courses the plan went into effect.

The result of these efforts was an immediate drop in SPHM claims, and by 2013, the long-term care facility was able to realize an 85% reduction in claims and an 85% reduction in average claim cost by implementing safe patient handling protocols. Future service is focused on strict adherence to the SPHM program, training, and observations to continue the program and manage success into the future.

The UH high-touch customer service model is a true differentiator within the marketplace. By developing strong relationships with customers, UH creates partnerships that last and flourish. At United Heartland, our sole focus is workers’ compensation. With this expertise, UH is able to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers and better results than our competition. It’s the “UH Difference.”

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