Wholesalers and retailers face distinct exposures as they distribute goods, move merchandise and interact with consumers and buyers daily. These business owners also face many challenges including:

  • Evolution of consumer purchasing habits
  • Adapting to and implementing new technologies to meet consumer demands
  • Shrinking profit margins impacting overall operating expenses
  • High workforce turnover resulting in inexperienced staff and increased personnel risks
  • Retaining quality employees
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Inventory management, product distribution and installation

At United Heartland, we understand that each wholesaler or retailer is different. They vary by the needs of the clients they serve and the types of products and goods they provide, which can be numerous.

With our expertise in workers’ compensation for wholesalers and retailers, we are a strategic partner in helping improve the safety of your operations, while reducing claim costs and getting your employees back to work as quickly as possible.

Your business can benefit from our service-oriented approach to underwriting, claims and loss control as we design an insurance program focused on lowering your cost of risk. Contact United Heartland today to see how we can develop a customized solution for you.

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